Zone of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) pouring Functionality
  • Implementation of the LPG pouring from the railway tanks of the LPG tracks (1520 mm) into the rail tanks of the Western European tracks (1435 mm). Also LPG pouring from the rail tanks of the 1520 mm tracks into the petrol-tank park. LPG pouring is also produced in a reverse direction from the petrol- tank park into the railway tanks track 1435 mm and tank lorries;
  • The terminal has four access railway routes (1435mm) length of each of them is 400m. and three driveways of 1520 mm track, the length of each is 450 meters ; Annual turnover is 100 tons;
  • The total volume of the petrol-tank park is 300 cubic meters;
  • At the same time the number of railway tanks, track 1520 mm, located under the pouring is 8 pcs.;
  • The number of the tanks track 1435 mm, that are pouring at the same time is 3 pcs.;
  • Daily performance of the loading in the tank lorry - up to 100 tons;
Technical equipment.
  • Two compressors FAS 942 BL capacity of 200 cubic meters per hour each, and two pumps for pumping liquefied gas which capacity is of 50 and 25 cubic meters per hour ;
  • Loading of the railway tanks is 1435 mm. produced on the three strain-gauge balance which capacity is 150 tons each, the length of the loading platform scales can weigh european tanks of the any length;
  • For the weighing of loaded and poured railway tankers track 1520 mm strain-gauge balance is used, carrying capacity of which is 125 ton.
  • For the weigh of the loaded tank lorry we use strain-gauge balance which weight-carrying ability is 50 ton.
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