Terminal Karpaty Ltd.

The enterprise gives services in the international and internal transportation of cargoes, forwarding, reloading, storage and customs registration.
"Terminal Karpaty" Ltd is registered in August 05, 1998. At the moment of its registration the basic funds made 3.382.000 UAH, and in the end of 2003 34.792.600 UAH. Now 246 men work. at the terminal
The central office is placed in Chop. The sites of the enterprise are located at the railway station Batevo (on the area of 17 hectares). They represent:
1. Site for the transhipment of cargoes transported on opened railway wagons, with processing capacity - 35 European wagons and 40 containers per day. It has the warehouse of a temporary storage by the area of 6908 sq.m.

2. Site for the transhipment of bulk cargoes, with processing capacity - 40 European wagons per day with a warehouse of a temporary storage by the area of 6156 sq.m.

3. The closed terminal by the general area of 21.504 sq.m. contains 2 railway paths of European width (1435 mm.) and 2 railway paths of CIS countries width (1520 mm.). Two gantries (the length of each gantry is 433 m. and width is 8 m.) are disposed between the paths. A customs license warehouse by the area of 2205 sq.m., a warehouse of a temporary storage by the area of 360 sq.m. and a household block by the area 464 sq.m. are also placed inside a hangar.

For transhipment in a mode the automobile warehouse wagon or vice versa serve special ports. They designed on simultaneous reception of 6 lorries and equipped with hydraulic lifts for loading / unloading of any types of trailers.

The capacity of a complex makes up to 110 European wagons per day. The terminal consists of two separate sections. It allows simultaneous transhipment of both usual and dangerous cargoes.
Technical maintenance of the terminal:
-8 gantry cranes (load capacity from 10 up to 50 tons), among them there is a crane equipped with a special mechanical bucket for transhipment of bulk cargoes transported in opened rail wagons;
-8 forklift trucks;
-3 special machines with closed transporters for an overload of grain cargoes;
-2 electronic weightbridges for weighting cargoes in both European and rail wagons of CIS track;
-2 diesel locomotives (-2 and -2);
Dynamics of transhipment:
1998 year 1496 wagons 33551 ons
2003 year 7253 wagons 294985 tons

In general the enterprise has overloaded 35756 wagons or 1.304.490 tons of a cargo for 5 years.

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